Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Now available is the latest book in the THREE GHOST FRIENDS series.

This is the longest, funniest, and silliest THREE GHOST FRIENDS book yet. And there is not 1, not 2, but THREE stories in this book!

In story number one, two ghost friends are sad October is over, but one ghost friend shows them how much fun Halloween can be all year long!

In story number two, three ghost friends share their own rendition of IN A DARK, DARK WOOD. Their rendition has a FUN, FUN ending!

In story number three, three ghost friends play a rhyming game that shares 28 words that rhyme with BOO! It is fast and fun!

Buy a copy today!



  1. This book seems like an amazing read for the Christmas holidays and beat and toss boredom outside the window. Share some more books to read please.

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