Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Easy Thumbprint Ghost Craft + Other Halloween Thumbprints!

Today is Ed Emberley's Birthday (October 19). My daughter and I got out all of his drawing books including ED EMBERLEY'S COMPLETE FUNPRINT DRAWING BOOK. We started making thumbprint animals when I remembered I had a white stamp pad from our ghost stamping activity.

My daughter pushed her finger on the stamp pad.
She said, "Look, Dad! They are saying BOO!"
I guess the ghosts invited more friends because she stamped more!
She added ghost faces with a black Sharpie.
I experimented too. If I inked half of my thumb it made a nice ghost shape. For a few ghosts I inked the tip of my finger to add bumps to the bottom of the ghosts.
Thumbprint ghosts would be a fun way to make a Halloween card for a friend.
I made a few Thumbprint BATTLE BOOS too. I used a white colored pencil to add the antenna and zoomers!
Ed Emberley's books kept us busy all morning.
Try making other thumbprint Halloween creatures too!

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  1. Great craft work for the better and lovely Halloween. Such a great creativity is shown in this work, simply amazed by your work and idea