Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Easy, DIY, Homemade Ghost Stamps - Perfect for Scrapbooking, Card Making, Halloween

I bought a box of erasers at a garage sale for 50 cents over the summer. I liked the way they looked in the box. I never thought I would use them to make stamps.
My box of erasers were green, but the more popular pink erasers work too. 
I cut an eraser in half with an x-acto knife. This allowed me to make two stamps from one eraser.
I sketched a ghost on the flat side of the eraser with a pencil.
Then, I cut the ghost out with an x-acto knife.
I cut and sanded a small piece of wood.
I glued the ghost eraser to the wood with E6000 adhesive. I like this adhesive because it dries very quickly and it is very strong!
Within minutes I was able to stamp white ink on black construction paper.
I added the ghost face with a colored pencil.
These stamps would be great for Halloween cards. 
Is this craft kid-approved? I called upon my children to find out. 
I did most of the cutting but my son got to pull his ghost shape out.
Time to glue.
His ghost turned out great!
Yes. Kid-approved!
Do you want to carve a face into your stamp? Carve half-way down and then peel out the shape.
I know a few good books you could read before and after this craft!
Have fun!
The next day, my youngest daughter got really into this craft. She designed the stamps and I cut them out.
She preferred to have faces on the ghost stamps. 
DIY Homemade Ghost Stamps
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I used the stamps as a craft station at a local Apple Festival. They were a huge hit!

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