Saturday, October 18, 2014

Three Ghost Friends @ Monroe's Orchard!

I am writing this feeling a little sad that I won't be heading to Monroe's Orchard today for their Apple Festival. Monroe's Orchard hosted their Apple Festival the last three Saturdays. I had the opportunity to read and share my Three Ghost Friends books with many families while enjoying the delicious apple cider!!

I went through all the photos and picked my favorite ones to share.

My Three Ghost Friends reading hat!
I thought this pumpkin was perfect! The books are pretty cool too!
The first Saturday was gorgeous; warm and sunny! My whole family was there to help me sell books!
I love reading Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes to a large group. 
I was so grateful for the opportunity to share my books with so many people. A huge thank you to Sue and Roger Monroe for inviting me!
The second Saturday was quite different; cold and cloudy. I have to thank my daughter for toughing it out all day with me!
Ice fell from the sky when we were setting up our tent. 
Despite the cold and ice families still came to the Apple Festival.  I loved seeing the creativity of the children that came out. A zombie, princess, and spider ghost! (Click here to download the activity sheet!)
The weather was much better for the third Saturday. I had a wonderful spot next to the pumpkin patch to read my Three Ghost Friends books.
In this photo I am reading Three Ghost Friends: Learn About the ABCs - Halloween Edition.
I had such a great time at Monroe's Orchard. I met so many happy and enthusiastic families! Thank you to everyone for supporting me!

My THREE GHOST FRIENDS books available as eBooks and paperbacks on and iTunes. They are great for children 3-6 years of age!

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