Sunday, October 20, 2013

More "Lift and Find" -- Dot Patterns

One month ago I posted instructions on how to make a "Lift and Find" matching game by repurposing baby wipes packaging lids. (Click here to read that post).

The response to the post on Pinterest resulted in numerous repins (Thank you!!).  One pinner said, "The possibilities are endless."  This got me thinking about other ways to use the "Lift and Find" game board that I made.

Two weeks ago, I attended a parent meeting at my son's school. My son is in kindergarten and I learned that he is being exposed to dot patterns in math class on a daily basis.  I learned that the purpose of dot patterns is to build number sense by establishing a visual structure to keep track of objects in their head.

I thought it would be fun to make ghost dot patterns that could be used along with my "Lift and Find" game board.  I hope you will find the printable activity sheets I have provided below useful for your classroom or home school.
Included in the packet are three printable sheets of dot patterns. (One of the sheets is pictured above.)  A child can open the lid, close it quickly, and then state how many ghosts they saw.  A teacher or parent could also work with a child and open and close the lid quickly and ask, "How many ghosts did you see?"

If a child has advanced in their number sense, they could open two lids and add the numbers mentally in their head. A teacher or parent could guide their thinking by saying, "How many ghosts do you see here? How many there? How many all together?"
Also included in the packet are three sheets of dot patterns and numbers. (One of the sheets is pictured above.)  These sheets can be used as a matching game. Lift a lid on one side and then find the match on the other side of the game board.

(The packet includes 6 printable sheets.)
How many ghosts to you see under this lid? 
"How many ghosts do you see?"
"I see five ghosts."
"Find the number five."
Don't have wipes container packaging?  Try little paper cups...

As soon as my son saw the game he had to try it!

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