Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toddler Busy Bag - "Lift and Find" Shapes and Colors from Baby Wipes Package Lids

I have saved the hinged-lids from baby wipe packaging for quite some time now. I hoped that someday I could use them to create a toddler busy bag activity. This week, I made a "Lift and Find" matching game for young children to learn their colors and shapes. I am offering the activity sheets for free at the bottom of this page. All you need to do is save your lids!
Honestly, I thought this activity was going to be only for my youngest daughter, but my three-year-old son liked it too!
Many different brands of toddler and baby wipe packaging have a hinged plastic lid attached to a ring.
The lid and ring is attached with a sticky goo, but pull hard and the lid and ring will come right off!
I stuck the lids onto a piece of thick clear laminate that I ran through a lamination machine.  This was the easiest way for me to get the sturdy piece of clear plastic that I needed.  (Can you think of another paper-sized clear plastic option?) 

Many of the rings attached to the hinged-lids still had the sticky goo from the packaging while others needed a little glue. I just used Elmer's white glue. Then, I let the glue dry overnight to make sure they were secure.
In the morning, I taped a clear sheet protector to the back of the clear plastic. The clear sheet protector will hold the FREE interchangeable-printable sheets available below. 
Eight lids fit perfectly!  
Initially, I slipped in a sheet of colored ghosts and just let my daughter explore.  She got as excited as she does for lift-the-flap board books. 

In the FREE printables below is an activity sheet that has ghosts in many colors.  This sheet is not a matching activity.  This sheet can be used to create dialog with your child.  "What color do you see?" or "Find green." or "Where is orange?" There is a sheet like this for shapes too.
My three-year-old son wanted to try the activity too. I slipped in an activity sheet that allowed him to find ghosts of matching colors.
A match! Two white ghosts!
This toddler busy bag activity can be used anywhere -- on a lap, in a car, at the doctor's office, in the high chair before lunch!  Once you are finished with the activity, store all the activity sheets in the sheet protector!

Color Ghosts - 8 different colors
Color Ghosts - Matching Sheet 1
Color Ghosts - Matching Sheet 2
Color Ghosts - Matching Sheet 3
Color Ghosts - Matching Sheet 4
Shape Ghosts - 8 Different shapes
Shape Ghosts - Matching Sheet 1
Shape Ghosts - Matching Sheet 2

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  1. Such an inventive idea! I think I will try a variation in my pre-k class. I have to raid the school for the wipes lids. haha. SO I will pin this to my "secret" board so no one else gets the lids before me! :o) We all follow each other at my school.
    Thank you!!

  2. Gracias, que idea tan estupenda. Yo los utilizo también, pero para juegos de lecto-escritura.
    Thank you.

  3. Köszönöm szépen, nagyon hasznos fejlesztőket találtam itt, én is készítek majd belőlük. Thank you!