Saturday, September 14, 2013

Halloween Ice Cream Ghosts

Have you ever served ice cream at a party by opening the carton completely and slicing pieces for all your guests?  It is genius and so much easier than scooping!  This ice cream ghost is a great idea for dessert with your family, or as a treat at a Halloween party!

Recently, when serving ice cream, I grabbed the knife and rounded the top of the rectangle, cut a few triangles out of the bottom to make a ghost!  Then, I quickly got a few chocolate chips out of the cupboard to make eyes before the ice cream started to melt.

Open and slice! 
Would you like your ice cream ghost with just eyes?
Or with a mouth too?
Here are a few additional ideas: 

1. Create the ice cream ghosts, place them on a cookie sheet, and put them back in the freezer until the party! 
2. If serving the ice cream ghosts immediately to many guests, try creating your ghosts on a chilled cookie sheet to keep your ghosts from melting.

Ice cream served with books? Sounds good to me!:

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