Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ghost Full of Shapes: A Glue and Stick Halloween Activity for Young Children

My book Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes provides an opportunity for young children to explore shapes. In this book, the Three Ghost Friends play hide-and-go-seek at a campground. Each time the ghosts hide they make their body into a shape -- circles, squares, triangles, ovals (ellipses), trapezoids, and rectangles. The ghost shapes are quiet and still. Will you be able to find them?  If you do make sure you shout, "BOO! I found you!"

The book features repeated text which makes it fun to read aloud and also predictable for young children to anticipate the words.
Multi-page view of the Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes
I have four children.  My youngest are 18 months and 3 years old and they love to use glue sticks.  My oldest daughter helped me prepare an activity for the little ones by cutting all the shapes featured in the book with a Cricket machine.  (If you don't have a machine you could always cut your own shapes.)

She cut squares, circles, triangles, ovals (ellipses), trapezoids, and rectangles.  Some shapes were as small as 1 inch and others were as big as 3 inches. 
Then, we read Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes.  This was the first time that my daughter heard the book.
My son hasn't heard my story since last Halloween. I was happy to see how excited he was to have me read it to him again. It was like he was hearing it for the first time! 
He looked for the ghost circles.
"Boo! I found you!"
My youngest daughter wanted to have a closer look after we finished reading. She loved pointing out the ghosts. 
I drew a ghost shape on a black piece of construction paper to give an area for her to glue the shapes.
I reminded her how to use the glue stick.  
Then, she was gluing on her own. 
She filled a ghost with rectangles, circles, squares, and ovals.
Glue and stick shapes to make ghost
I did one too!
My 3 year old was really into this project. He loves open ended projects like this where he can be creative. 
He drew his own ghost shape, filled the ghost with shapes and coloring. Then, he trimmed it to the size he wanted.
He was very proud of his ghost!
I left the shapes out with black markers and later he made a shape family! 
My oldest daughter made her own ghost shapes too!
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  1. So many fun ideas with shapes! The activities and the book are perfect for this time of year. Thanks for sharing at Preschooler Play Index!