Saturday, August 17, 2013

Halloween Driveway Art: Crushed Chalk Painting

The bucket that holds our sidewalk chalk is a clear indication that we have had a great summer drawing on the driveway. It is full of small pieces of every color that are frustrating for my children to use.  Today, we crushed all those small pieces with a hammer into chalk dust, added water, and painted a few Halloween decorations on the driveway.

We initially tried crushing the chalk in larger containers with rocks.
 It worked but we were not very efficient. 
A hammer was much more effective. 
A hammer in a smaller container seemed to work the best.
I crushed the chalk until it was as small as I could get it. 
We added water until it was consistency of craft paint. 
This picture shows a good consistency. We did have a batch of yellow that we added too much water and my kids didn't like the way it painted.
I couldn't resist painting a ghost with my crushed white chalk.
Please pin this picture!
I loved the results. I thought this would be great for Trick or Treat night to paint the driveway with Three Ghost Friends, jack o' lanterns, and monsters! 

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