Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bread Clip Comic Strips: Create Your Own Halloween Stories

Last Halloween I saw a photograph on Pinterest for bread clip monsters.  I thought they were awesome! I started collecting bread clips right away.  This week I went through our junk drawer and I was surprised by how many bread clips I had collected over the year.  I immediately wanted to develop a fun activity for my children to create their own bread clip monsters!

My daughter told her mom when she got home from work, one day this week, "Today, we did the most awesome activity with Dad!"

We called the activity Bread Clip Comic Strips! This blog post includes all the FREE printables to replicate the activity with your family.  All you need is your own bread clips and materials to turn them into monsters.
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I laid out all the bread clips on the table along with googily eyes, Sharpie markers, tiny hole punches, glue dots, and construction paper. My children immediately went to work making their monsters! I also had them select a comic strip template (see below!).
My oldest two children selected the blank comic strip templates.  My son told a story about a one-eyed ghost in a pumpkin patch graveyard under a moonlit sky.  Zombies rose from the dead and gave the ghost a BIG scare.
My daughter told a silly story about a monster sliding down a hill who met a friendly one-eyed zombie.  In the last scene, they had a funny conversation.  It reminded me of a conversation from the picture book Cowboy and Octopus by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.
My youngest son spent quite a bit of time making his bread clip monsters. Then, I showed him the three monsters and the Trick or Treat Street comic strip I made.  He thought my story was funny and it inspired him to create his own story about his monsters trying to find toys inside a haunted house.  They didn't find any toys, because there are "NO TOYS IN A HAUNTED HOUSE, Dad!"
Notice how my daughter drew word bubbles and then moved her bread clip monsters through the comic strip.
Here is my son telling his story.
My youngest son's comic strip is on the bottom! It is pretty dark and scary inside the haunted house! (and there are NO TOYS!)

Now download and print your free printables and please tell all your friends about this fun activity! Also, be sure to check out my activities and printables page!
Free Printables:
Haunted House/Haunted Graveyard Comic Strip Template
Pumpkin Patch/Haunted Forest Comic Strip Template
Trick or Treat Street/Halloween Campground Comic Strip Template
Blank 3 Square Comic Strip Template
Blank 1 Rectangle Comic Strip Template


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