Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guess What Costume!

In my book, Three Ghost Friends: Learn About the ABCs - Halloween Edition, the Three Ghost Friends hope to find just the right costumes to wear for Trick or Treat.  It proves to be difficult with at least one ghost friend not wanting to follow the theme.  They try on animal costumes, fruit costumes, community helper costumes, and even SCARY guy costumes.  Thankfully, the Three Ghost Friends eventually find the perfect costumes to wear.

One of the key learning objectives of this book is to teach categorization.  I am always looking for a way to extend learning beyond a book's pages or iPad screen.  My family came up with a game that we had so much fun playing and we hope you enjoy it too.  It is called "GUESS WHAT COSTUME!"

1.  Download and print all the costumes.
2.  Cut and glue each costume on index cards.
3.  Download and print copies of the Guess What Costume! Checklist for each player.
4.  Without looking, each player selects a costume card and places it on their head. (We actually all wore hats and taped the card to our hat or you could just hold it.)
5.  Players take turns asking "Yes or No" questions that will help them try to figure out what costume is on their head. (i.e.  "Is my costume a fruit?"  If the answer is NO, then all the fruit costumes can be crossed off your checklist.)
6.  The first person to correctly identify the costume on their head is the winner.

Click here to download all 26 costumes!
Click here to download the checklist!
We all sat in a circle with our costume cards taped to our heads.  I had a "Queen" costume.
I think my son was trying to look through his hat! 
AHHH! She has a zombie on her head!
In addition to the Kindle and iBookstore versions of the book, it can be purchased in print from Amazon:

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