Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ghost Ten Frames

A ten frame is a way to visually organize a set of objects. Ten frames are used to teach children a visual image for a number in the range of 1-10.  Ten frames are used in Kindergarten and first grade classrooms to show students how to create images of numbers.  Students are asked different questions about what they see when they are shown the frame quickly, for 1-2 seconds.

Questions such as "How many ghosts did you see?" or "How many empty boxes?" require a student to have a quick image of the number they saw.  Asking questions such as "How many more ghosts do you need to make 10?" requires them to know their facts to ten, and to be able to combine two numbers to make a new number.

Ten frames with the ghosts provide another setting for your child or students to practice their understanding of ten frames.

You will need:
1.  Download and print ghost ten frames printable (links to download are below)
2.  Scissors

*Note*-  Each printable has 2 sets of tens frames, arranged in 2 different orders.  The first set of 10 is arranged in a 5 wise pattern.  It is used to show students that a number such as 7 is created with a 5 and a 2.  The second set of 10 is arranged in a pair wise pattern, to show that a number such as 7 is created with a 4 and a 3.  Students typically learn both pair wise and 5 wise patterns, and knowledge of both is beneficial.
Click here to download horizontal Ghost Ten Frames
Click here to download vertical Ghost Ten Frames

1. Download and print the ghost ten frame printable.
2. Cut each ten frame into a single frame.
3. Make a pile of the ten frames in random order, using only one set, either the 5-wise set, or the pair wise set.
4. Sitting across from your chid or student, quickly show them the image of the ten frame by flashing it to them.  Ask them a variety of questions, including "How many ghosts did you see?",  "How many were empty?", "How many all together?", "How many more to make ten?"
5. Practice these ten frames until your child/student can answer all the questions about the cards automatically without counting or having to see the boxes again to check their answers.

Here is video to learn more about Ten Frames:

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  1. Thanks for the ten frames and the link that shows how to use them! We appreciate your sharing this at After School.