Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ghost Symmetry

Ghost Symmetry
What you will need:
1. Black construction paper
2. White craft paint
3. Googily eyes
4. Black paint or Black marker
5. Newspaper (for keeping your area clean)

I had my boys fold a piece of black construction paper in half.  We used 8.5" x 11" paper, but Ghost Symmetry would be really cool on bigger paper too!
They squirted white craft paint the way they wanted in the middle of the paper.
We placed a piece of newspaper under the paper before we folded it -- just in case extra paint came squirting out -- and it did! Phew!  I recommend folding gently because we found that the paint looked nicer, but experiment to see what you like better.
He was so excited that he tried another ghost right away.
My youngest son made this cute ghost!

Lastly, we added googily eyes while the paint was still wet (you could also glue them on after the paint dries).  We chose not to add a ghost mouth after the paint dried because we liked the way he looked without one. However, you could use black paint, a marker, or even scraps of black construction paper. 

If you are using this symmetry lesson, just make sure your eyes and mouth are added symmetrically.

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  1. Amazing - great for hand development too. I am featuring on the Kids Co-op this week.