Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lego Three Ghost Friends

This weekend, I was at Target with my boys looking up and down every aisle of toys.  We spent the most time looking at the new Monster Fighters sets in the Lego aisle. The Lego Ghost Train Set caught my son's eye.  He said, "Hey, Three Ghost Friends!" Well, not really, but the set does come with three ghost mini-figures.
The activity below fits perfectly with Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Opposites!
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The experience at Target reminded me that in my eBook, Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Opposites, the Three Ghost Friends build ghosts out of legos to show "Ghosts small."  I thought my boys would really enjoy making ghosts out of Legos.
My son was a little overwhelmed at first.
So, I made the first ghost as a model. His younger brother also joined in to provide some assistance.
That was all the help he needed to figure it out!
He was really happy with Lego Ghost Friend.  He said that his ghost had a "Boo face."
Three Ghost Friends Legos!

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