Monday, July 2, 2012

Three Ghost Friends Egg Carton Ornaments

What you will need:
1. An egg carton (non-stryrofoam)
2. White craft paint
3. Paintbrush
4. Black Sharpie Marker or black craft paint
5. Ribbon

Cut the paper egg carton into sets of three.
Paint the egg carton completely white. We used white craft paint and brushes.
We still made a mess even though we laid down newspaper!
My boys had a fun time painting their Three Ghost Friends. 
We used black Sharpie markers to add the ghost faces.
We decided to make the egg carton ghosts into an ornament by cutting a slit in the top of the middle ghost.
I threaded the ribbon through the carton. 
Then, tied the ribbon tight. 
Three Ghost Friends
My son had the idea to hang them in a tree.  In the eBook, Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Opposites, the ghosts climb a tree for "Ghosts high." 
We then placed them on the ground for "Ghosts low."

This activity was based upon the e-book Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Opposites!

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