Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recent Reviews of Three Ghost Friends on iTunes

Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes

Really enjoyed this book! 5 Stars - My daughter and I just read this book together.  She really liked it a lot.  I like the author's approach to teaching the concept of shapes.  So simple it's beautiful!

Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Colors

Great Book! 5 Stars - What a great book for learning about colors.  More than just learning about basic colors, my daughter, who is 5, really liked learning about the way the colors mixed to make the other colors.  I really like the way this was addressed as well.  Now that it's a series, too, my daughter really loves reading about these little ghosts in all of their incarnations. Very cool series as a whole.

Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Opposites

Fun and Creative! 5 Stars - Super fun, colorful, and creative.  Great way to learn about opposites.

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