Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Three Ghost Friends Series 2 Trading Cards Now Available

Three Ghost Friends Trading Cards Series 2 is now available as a free printable download.  Series 2 features nine unique cards based upon the e-books, Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Opposites and Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes.  Download the e-books for only 99 cents each at the Apple iBookstore for iPad and iPhone and share these trading cards with your children after reading the eBooks together.

I recommend printing the cards on card stock or photo paper.  Once the cards are printed cut on the dotted lines. Please note that the trading cards are downloaded as a PDF document.

If the cards get lost or torn just stop back to print more! Enjoy!

Click Here to Download
Extend the idea of trading cards by having your children make their own.
Cut pieces card stock paper the same size as the Three Ghost Friends cards.

In case you missed it -- Check out the Series 1 cards by clicking here.

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