Monday, June 25, 2012

Three Ghost Friends Marshmallows

If you have read Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Opposites and Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes, then you know that the lovable ghosts really enjoy roasting marshmallows.  It is also one of my family's favorite activities.

I purchased those GIANT marshmallows that are now available at most grocery stores.  I thought they would be perfect for making our Three Ghost Friends.  On the iPad, behind the ghost marshmallows in the picture above, are the pages from the Opposites book showing "Ghosts cold. Ghosts hot." If you look closely, one the ghost friends has a burned marshmallow -- my son impersonates this ghost a little later!
My children used edible food coloring markers to draw the ghost faces on the GIANT marshmallows.
Then, they stuck mini marshmallows on the ends of toothpicks to make it look like their ghost marshmallows were ready to roast their own treats! 
My daughter was cute and drew a ghost face on the mini marshmallow! 
The Three Ghost Friends marshmallows joined us at our campfire with a seat all to themselves.
My son's marshmallow was burned to a crisp just like the ghost in the Opposites book!
Ghosts hot!
They were successful roasting their marshmallows just like the book! I didn't talk much about the marshmallow roasting from the Shapes book, because I didn't want to spoil the ending!
Consider reading the eBooks as a family before you make the Three Ghost Friends marshmallows!  Here are the two books you will need for only 99 cents each:


  1. Edible food colouring markers? No way! Fun.

  2. This is so cute! Thanks for linking it up to the Kid's Co-op!

    1. Thanks Lorie! I am so glad it fit the theme for the week!

  3. I have never seen giant marshmallows! Oh my, my kids would love them! Such a cute idea using them as ghosts - I'm thinking Halloween cook-out idea - thanks!

    1. Jacquie, I had never seen them until this past year. They are so big that I wondered if they would even roast well -- but they do!