Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toddler Busy Bags - Feed the Ghosts: Color Craft Stick Sort

Last week, was Toddler Busy Bag Week at Three Ghost Friends.  I had such a great response from my kids and the fans of my e-books that I decided to make a few more activities.

What are toddler busy bags?  They are quick activities that can be pulled out when a parent needs a few minutes to keep their toddler busy -- make lunch, go to the bathroom, talk on the phone, or check Pinterest! Keep all the materials in a bag so that they can be set up in a moment's notice or taken with you as a portable activity.

The toddler busy bag activities available at this website go along with the Three Ghost Friends e-books! Even if you do not have an iPad or iPhone your toddler could still benefit from the activities.  Please use them (and tell a friend who has an iPad or iPhone that you heard about these great e-books for young readers)!

Feed the Ghosts: Color Craft Stick Sort

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What you Will Need:
2. White Paper
3. 32 oz. food containers (i.e. yogurt or cottage cheese)
4. Packaging tape
5. Box cutter/craft knife
6. Colored Craft Sticks or Pipe Cleaners or Poms-Poms (yellow, blue, red, orange, purple, green)

Download the Printable Sheet
1. Print the activity sheet.
2. Cut out one of the ghost circle images along the black line.
3. Place circle image on top of the container lid. (The images were designed for a 32 oz. yogurt/cottage cheese container.)
4. Cover image with packaging tape to attach image to lid.
5. Trim off extra tape.
6. Cut out each ghost's mouth using a craft knife or box cutter. (This will make a hole to place objects.)
7. Place lid on container.
8. Repeat steps for second container.
9. Child will insert a color craft stick/small pom-pom/pipe cleaners into matching colored ghost's mouth.

Applying tape to container lid to attach image.
Trimming the extra tape.
Cutting out the mouths.
Applying tape to the inside of the ghost's mouths to prevent tearing.
We used colored craft sticks to feed our ghosts.  However, you could use small colored pom-poms or pipe cleaners.
I think this was his favorite Three Ghost Friends Toddler Busy Bag activity yet! 
Sorting both primary and secondary colors at once!

Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes is Coming Very Soon!


  1. Okay, that is SOOOOOO GREAT!!!!!!! Thank you very much for sharing :)

  2. I'm so adding this as a resource to my Perfect Picture Book Friday book. :) Glad I found this.