Thursday, May 10, 2012

Toddler Busy Bag: Ghost Shape Tracing

Last week was Toddler Busy Bag Week at Three Ghost Friends.  I had such a great response from my kids and the fans of my e-books that I decided to make a few more activities.

What are toddler busy bags?  They are quick activities that can be pulled out when a parent needs a few minutes to keep their toddler busy -- make lunch, go to the bathroom, talk on the phone, or check Pinterest! Keep all the materials in a bag so that they can be set up in a moment's notice or taken with you as a portable activity.

The toddler busy bag activities available at this website go along with the Three Ghost Friends e-books! Even if you do not have an iPad or iPhone your toddler could still benefit from the activities.  Please use them (and tell a friend who has an iPad or iPhone that you heard about these great e-books for young readers)!

Three Ghost Friends:  Ghost Tracing busy bag

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What you will need:
1. Download the printable sheets
2. White paper
3. Three prong folder or 3 ring binder
4. Six plastic sheet protector
5. Dry erase marker
6. Tissues
7. Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes
Download the printable sheets!

1. Print the activity sheets on white paper.
2. Slip the sheets into 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet protectors.
3. Place the sheet protectors onto the prongs and fasten into the folder or place in 3 ring binder.
4. Child will use a dry erase marker to trace the shapes.

My almost 2 year old son did well tracing a ghost triangle! 
I couldn't believe how serious he was about tracing the ghost shapes.
All you need is a tissue to clean off the dry erase marker.
Ghost rectangle!


This activity was designed to be used along with Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes.

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Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes Trailer!

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  1. Cute idea! Thanks so much for sharing it on Kid's Co-op!

  2. What fun! I love it!

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  3. This is so cute. Thanks so much for linking up to the Weekly Kids Co-op.