Thursday, May 17, 2012

Toddler Busy Bag: Build-a-Ghost Shape

Build-a-Ghost Shape

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What you will need:
1. Download and print activity sheets
2. 18 - 6 inch craft sticks or tongue depressors (maybe your pediatrician will donate them!)
3. Velcro Dots
4. Sheet protectors
5. 3-prong folder
6. Storage baggie
7. Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes - e-book for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Download the activity sheets
1. Download and print activity sheets.
2. Place activity sheets into sheet protectors.
3. Place sheet protectors into the folder.
4. Apply velcro dots to the craft sticks. Each craft stick gets 2 soft and 2 hard velcro dots (front and back). We kept the soft velcro dots together on one end (front and back) and the hard velcro dots together on the other end (front and back).
5. Child will build a ghost shape with the crafts sticks using the printed ghost shape as a guide.

Intially, I had all the shape activity sheets on the floor for my son to build the ghost shapes. However, I quickly realized that the sheets were going to get ruined.  This is why I suggest putting your ghost shape activity sheets in sheet protectors.
My 2 year old needed some help building the shapes.  His initial craft stick was right on, but needed assistance with the rest.
However, he was great at becoming his own ghost shape!
Ghost Triangle! Boo! I found you!
My four year old son was intrigued with the activity when he came home from preschool. He breezed through the building of the shapes.
Ghost Square! Boo! I found you! 
A ghost trapezoid is included in the activity sheets along with the ghost triangle (picture above).
Ghost square. 
Lastly, a ghost rectangle.
Here is the completed toddler busy bag in the folder and a storage bag for the craft sticks.
This activity was designed to be used along with Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes.

Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes Trailer!

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What are toddler busy bags?  They are quick activities that can be pulled out when a parent needs a few minutes to keep their toddler busy -- make lunch, go to the bathroom, talk on the phone, or check Pinterest! Keep all the materials in a bag so that they can be set up in a moment's notice or taken with you as a portable activity.

The toddler busy bag activities available at this website go along with the Three Ghost Friends e-books! Even if you do not have an iPad or iPhone your toddler could still benefit from the activities.  Please use them (and tell a friend who has an iPad or iPhone that you heard about these great e-books for young readers)!