Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Three Ghost Friends Toddler Busy Bag: Ghost Counting 1-2-3

Welcome to Three Ghost Friends Toddler Busy Bag Activities Week!

What are toddler busy bags?  They are quick activities that can be pulled out when a parent needs a few minutes to keep their toddler busy -- make lunch, go to the bathroom, talk on the phone, or check Facebook! Keep all the materials in a bag so that they can be set up in a moment's notice or taken with you as a portable activity.

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When the week comes to an end you will have five toddler busy bag activities that go along with the Three Ghost Friends e-books! Even if you do not have an iPad or iPhone your toddler could still benefit from the activities.  Please use them (and tell a friend who has an iPad or iPhone that you heard about these great e-books for young readers)!

Ghosts Counting 1-2-3

Download the Printable Sheet

What you Will Need:
2. Thick white paper/card stock
3. Three clothespins
4. Black marker
5. Storage bag
6. Glue Stick
7. Cardboard (reuse a cereal box)

1. Print the ghost cards on thick paper.
2. Cut out the ghost cards and mount on cardboard.
3. Write numbers 1, 2, and 3 on clothespins.
4. Child will count number of ghosts and clip correct clothespin to card.
5. If desired, print multiple sets of cards and make multiple sets of clothespins to increase the difficulty of this task.

I asked my almost two year old son to find the ghost card that had one ghost.  I then gave him the #1 clothespin to clip to the card. 
He was able to clip the clothespin to the card if I said, "Make the alligator's mouth, CHOMP!"
He was able to find two ghost friends!
In this image, notice that I used an old cereal box to make the card more sturdy.
Use a Ziploc bag to keep the pieces from getting lost!


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