Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three Ghost Friends Foot Prints

A popular preschool craft is to paint hands and feet to create holiday characters.  This past year, my son made a t-shirt with a reindeer made of his hand and foot prints for his holiday music performance.  I remember my daughter making Christmas trees and Valentine's Day hearts with hand prints. My children loved these craft ideas.  

I thought it would be fun to make the Three Ghost Friends with our foot prints.

What you will need:
- White kids' washable craft paint
- 1 wide paintbrush for painting feet
- 1 tiny paintbrush for painting ghost faces
- Black Construction Paper
- Wet rag for wiping feet

This was the first time that my youngest son had ever had his foot painted. He loved it.  His brother made sure that his foot was completely covered with white paint. 
We pressed his foot firmly on the black construction paper to make the print.  We made three foot prints on each paper.
It was big brother's turn to get his feet painted. The little guy did a great job painting.
I got my feet painted, too! My son said, "Your feet will make BIG ghosts."
Three Ghost Friends!

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