Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Three Ghost Friends Carnival Week: Three Ghost Friends Knock Down

All this week I will be posting ideas to make Three Ghost Friends carnival games.  When the week comes to an end you will have five game ideas to put on your own Game Fest at your home!

I made Three Ghost Friends carnival tickets for you to print.  My children chose to use the tickets as a reward for each person playing the game and gave extra tickets if you did exceptionally well. I am sure your children will come up with a creative way to use the tickets at your carnival.
Introducing our third game of the week...

Three Ghost Friends Knock Down

To begin, I drew three ghost faces on black construction with a white crayon.  My daughter cut them out. 
We rolled tape and placed it on the back of the eyes and mouth.  My daughter stuck eyes and a mouth to a roll of toilet paper.  
Three Ghost Friends! 
Now all you need is a place to set up the Three Ghost Friends and a ball to throw at them.  Can you "KNOCK DOWN" all the ghosts?

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