Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Make Three Ghost Friends with Ghost Goo!

I saw the instructions to make Puffy Paint Ghosts, provided by No Time for Flash Cards on Pinterest. I couldn't resist trying it with my kids -- Three Ghost Friends-style!

What you will need:
1. Paper -- black construction paper/paper grocery bags
2. A can of shaving cream
3. A bottle of 4 oz. white glue (we used 1 and a half bottles but we did three ghosts)
4. Mixing bowls
5. Mixing spoons or spatulas
6. Measuring cups
7. Damp towels for clean-up
8. A copy of the e-books - Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Colors and Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Opposites

First, draw an outline of a ghost on a paper grocery bag or black construction paper.
No Time For Flash Cards suggests adding 1/4 cup of white glue to your mixing bowl.
Then, adding 3/4 cup of shaving cream.
My kids began using spoons and spatulas to mix the glue and shaving cream. However, they quickly realized that it was more fun to use their hands to mix the ghost goo! 
Oh Yeah! Ghost Goo is awesome!
The ghost goo was moved from the mixing bowl to the paper outline.
We let the papers dry overnight and in the sunshine the next day. The shaving cream and glue dries puffy and soft! It feels really neat!
My kids cut eyes and a mouth out of black construction paper and glued them on their ghost.
The last step was to cut out the ghost.
My daughter with her ghost friend.
My son with his ghost friend.
I cut out eyes and a mouth for my son's ghost but he added a few details with his marker.
Three Ghost Friends!


  1. Those are cute! The shaving cream looks like a lot of fun ;) My kids are getting too old for this stuff...my youngest might enjoy it though, maybe this Halloween. Thanks for the idea!
    Life with our Family

    1. You don't need to wait for Halloween! Try it after reading Three Ghost Friends!