Friday, April 13, 2012

Clean Ghosts Foam with Exploding Ivory Soap

In my e-book, Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Opposites there is a spread with the text "Ghosts dirty. Ghosts clean."  Amazingly, we created quite a "dirty" mess playing with Ivory Soap in the kitchen when we made "clean" ghosts.  The mess was totally worth it because my two boys had a blast exploding ghost soap bars in the microwave and then making the Three Ghost Friends with the leftovers.

What You Will Need:
1. 3 bars of Ivory Soap
2. Paper Towels
3. Microwave
4. Sharpie Markers
5. Large mixing bowl or bin
6. 1 roll of Toilet Paper
7. Measuring Cups
8. Water
9. White plastic lids

My son unwrapped an Ivory Soap bar and added a ghost face with a Sharpie Marker.  This was not exactly easy, but he managed to draw on the slick surface of the soap.

Below is a video of my son microwaving his Soap Ghost for 90 seconds.  The time may vary on the power of your microwave.  We did many trials and microwaved up to 2 minutes without a problem.  I hope you enjoy the video! He was quite excited about watching his ghost come to life!

We could have stopped there but there was more we wanted to do with the soap! We found many recipes on Pinterest for Clean Mud. We improvised with our own recipe.

We had the leftovers from exploding three Ivory Soap bars in the microwave.  We gathered up all the soap and put it into a bin.
We unraveled a whole roll of toilet paper and tore it into small pieces.  These pieces were added to the bin with the soap.
We then added about 1 1/4 cup of water to the bin.
We mixed everything together until the it formed a moldable dough.  We added more water to get the consistency that was best for playing and forming shapes.
I made few Three Ghost Friends faces by drawing with a Sharpie on a plastic lid.  
We pressed the faces on a few balls of ivory soap dough to make our Three Ghost Friends.
This activity was great hands-on fun for my boys!

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