Monday, April 16, 2012

Kickoff to Three Ghost Friends Carnival Games Week!

All this week I will be posting ideas to make Three Ghost Friends carnival games.  When the week comes to an end you will have five game ideas to put on your own Game Fest at your home!

I made Three Ghost Friends carnival tickets for you to print.  My children chose to use the tickets as a reward for each person playing the game and gave extra tickets if you did exceptionally well at the game. I am sure your children will come up with a creative way to use the tickets at your carnival.
Click Here to Download the printable tickets page
Introducing our first game of the week...

Three Ghost Friends Fruit Toss

We covered a cardboard box with black construction paper. 
I drew the Three Ghost Friends with wide mouths -- just like in the e-book Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Colors -- using a white crayon.
Using a box cutter, I cut out the mouth for each of the Three Ghost Friends.
My children then colored the ghosts with white crayons.
We set up the box in the living room.  We tossed plastic fruit from our play kitchen set -- bananas and strawberries.  We didn't have blueberries so when found a few balls that were blue.  We chose these fruits because these are the three fruits that the Three Ghost Friends eat in the e-book.
Here is a screen shot of the pages that inspired the game! 

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